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Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Cumulative Update Could Solve Lock Screen Problem

Today could see Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Windows 10 cumulative update for this week. Some reports suggest the company may fix a worrying Lock Screen issue.


Yesterday we reported on a worrying flaw in . Anyone could enter the photos and videos on a device by bypassing the . Since yesterday, it emerged that that problem affected all production and preview builds, apart from the last Insider release. may be fixing this problem today with a new Windows 10 .

Microsoft is reported to be releasing a cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile today. Users have found the build on the BuildFeed website under the release branch. It seems this release has been approved as February's cumulative update.

The build number for the new update is 14393.823, which is a sizeable jump from current production build 14393.693.

There is no concrete information on what this Windows 10 Mobile cumulative update will fix. However, while Microsoft has yet to officially announce the release, some are reporting that the company will fix the Lock Screen Error.

Windows 10 Mobile Lock Screen flaw

A worrying problem found on Windows 10 Mobile allows users to bypass the Lock Screen and access photos and videos. This is possible without needing the pin number, meaning anyone can access images on a device. While not a major security risk, this problem is a massive privacy issue.

There is a Feedback Hub thread where users are discussing this flaw. Users are understandably concerned about a problem that can expose their private files. The bug was first discovered by Wallace Michael (@wallace_cane). Since then more users have confirmed that it is a genuine issue.

Below is how the flaw is manifested on a device:

  • On a locked device, take any photo.
  • Preview the photo using the Preview thumbnail (lower left), and after the photo has been opened, delete it using the trash bin icon.
  • Press the Back button.
  • Preview the photo again, using the thumbnail. You should see a black screen.
  • Press the back button and Preview the photo using the thumbnail for a 3rd time.

We guess this major breach of privacy will be something that Microsoft is eager to sort out. However, we are unsure whether today's potential cumulative update will be that fix. If the company already new about the problem, then the fix could be issued today. If not, we will have to wait for a later update.

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