Microsoft Releases Technical Preview of Microsoft Drivers 4.1.6 for PHP on Windows for SQL Server

Microsoft Drivers 4.1.6 merges Linux and Windows code, enables connection pooling with unixODBC and adds PECL packages.

Microsoft PHP

has rolled out an early technical preview of Microsoft Drivers 4.1.6 for SQL Servers. For those unfamiliar, the drivers allow the writing of data from within PHP scripts with SQL Server 2008 or later.

Microsoft Drivers 4.1.6 Changes

Microsoft Drivers 4.1.6 comes with support for SQL Server, Azure Database and Azure SQL DW from any application with PHP 7+. Here are the new additions:

  • “Merged Linux and Windows code.
  • Enabled connection pooling with unixODBC. To enable pooling:
  • PECL packages for Windows.”

The release also fixes a number of bugs:

  • “Fixed issues with sqlsrv_has_rows() to prevent it from moving statement cursor (issue #37).
  • Fixed sqlsrv client buffer size to only allow positive integers (issue #228).
  • Fixed PECL installation errors when PHP was installed from source (issue #213).
  • Fixed segmentation fault with PDOStatement::getColumnMeta() when the supplied column index is out of range (issue #224).
  • Fixed the assertion error (Linux) when fetching data from a binary column using the binary encoding (issue #226).”

Of course, this is a technical preview. You can expect some bugs and stability issues and it's only really intended for testing purposes. However, you can provide vital feedback by submitting issues to the GitHub page.

In the future, Microsoft is planning to expand SQL feature support and perform fundamental tests. You can find further install and use instructions on GitHub, as well as an FAQ. Microsoft Drivers 4.1.6 is available for download here.

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