Microsoft Teams for Android Gets Easy Access to OneNote and Office Files and More

Microsoft Teams for Android now sits at version 1416. The update incorporates Office 365's one sign-in feature, as well as certificate-based authentication and bug fixes.

Skype Teams Graphics Microsoft

for has been updated with several fixes and improvements. The changes bump the version to 1416/ and provide some useful functionality.

For those unfamiliar, Teams is 's competitor. The application was initially known as Skype Teams and serves as a cross-organization IM platform.

Microsoft Teams for Android Changelog

Version 1416 brings a tab for Office and OneNote files, making it easier to find what you're looking for. It also introduces Microsoft's new single sign-in feature for . Here's the full list of changes:

  • “Easily access OneNote files and tabbed Office documents in team channels
  • Single sign-in with other Office 365 apps
  • Added support for certificate-based authentication
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements”

Gaining Popularity

The announcement of Microsoft Teams was met with some skepticism, with questions of its ability to topple market leader Slack. However, the statistics so far good. A report from last month revealed over 30,000 organizations on the platform.

These numbers come before Team's general release, which is set for Q1 2017. 145 markets across the world are using the apps, covering nineteen languages. In its beta form, the app has 10,000+ downloads.

As a result, Microsoft Teams is shaping up to be a solid Slack competitor. It's available to anyone with an Office 365 commercial subscription, which makes it natural for organizations using the suite already.

However, the Redmond giant has plans to cement that lead through the introduction of new features. Microsoft is set to integrate new and reporting capabilities, as well as an AI-powered bot.

The latest update for Microsoft Teams for Android only adds to these features, and no aforementioned ones very soon. Until then, you can download the latest Android update from the Google Play Store.