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Microsoft’s StaffHub app lets organizations manage their work shifts and employees view and swap them. It’s a simple idea, but one that’s proved popular so far. The has over 10 thousand downloads since its September release last year, and today’s update will only add to that number.

Microsoft StaffHub 1.27 brings customizable notifications, letting employees decide the best time to be reminded of a shift. More importantly, employees can now swap or offer time off to anyone in their team.

Finally, there are improvements to the messaging system. You can now jump to the last unread message to catch up on conversations. This pairs with new message indicators to keep engagement high.

Microsoft StaffHub 1.27 Changelog

The official changelog for this build contains more information about these features, so we have included it below:

  • “Customize StaffHub notifications by visiting “Settings” in the left menu. You can now easily change your shift reminder and when you receive notifications.
  • You can now swap or offer your time off to anyone in your team using our swap or offer feature.
  • Catch up on the latest conversation quickly with our “Jump to last unread” and new messages indicators”

In all, StaffHub is shaping up to be a solid shift management tool. Microsoft’s is thought to have acquired the app from Shiftr, and it’s paying off nicely. You can try the app out for yourself from the Google Play Store.