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Microsoft’s Releases Event Hubs .NET Standard Client following Internal Tests

Microsoft's Event Hubs .NET Standard Client is open source comes with many advantages, including a single code base across .NET runtimes. The functionality is now available to all customers.


Microsft has announced the general availability of its .NET Standard Client after months of testing. This brings a number of new libraries that are fully supported by the company.

Among the changes are two new NuGet packages, which program manager John Taubensee explains in a blog post:

  1. Microsoft.Azure.EventHubs – This library comprises the Event Hubs specific functionality that is currently found in the WindowsAzure.ServiceBus library. In here you will be able to do things like send and receive events from an Event Hub.
  2. Microsoft.Azure.EventHubs.Processor – Replaces functionality of the Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.EventProcessorHost library. This is the easiest way to receive events from an Event Hub, and keeps you from having to remember things such as offsets and partition information between receivers.”

Event Hub .NET Standard Client Advantages

According to Taubensee, the packages provide major advantages. The main one is runtime portability. There's now a single code base that runs across .NET runtimes. .NET Core, .NET framework, and UWP.

It also means Event Hubs has its own library. This removes the need to download Service Bus library to use it, making things clearer for customers.

The final advantage shows 's shift in ideology in recent years. The new libraries will be entirely open source and on GitHub. The Redmond giant will be accepting pull requests and issue reports.

However, Microsoft hasn't forgotten about its Windows Azure Service Bus library. It will be supporting Event Hubs there for the “foreseeable future”. Work is also beginning on a .NET Standard Service Bus, which is currently in preview.

You can find more information about these changes on the Microsoft Azure blog.

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