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Microsoft Promotes Xbox’s Mike Ybarra and Kareem Choudhry to Corporate Vice Presidents

Xbox's Mike Ybarra and Kareem Choudhry have played an instrumental role in the Xbox's success following its botched launch. The two have stated their love for the team and fans as the driving factor behind their continued success.


If you’re at all familiar with Xbox, you will know the face of Mike Ybarra. The director of program management has appeared on stage at E3 and regularly speaks about the console’s OS.

Today, Microsoft promoted him to Vice President, alongside director of software engineering Kareen Choudhry. The accolade comes after many years of dedication from the pair and their role in the platform’s success.

Mike Ybarra

For those unfamiliar, Ybarra first came to Microsoft in 2000, from Hewlett-Packard. He began his sixteen-year career at the company as a systems engineer, later becoming the general manager for Windows 7 and Xbox Live. More recently, Ybarra was a Partner Studio Manager for Xbox Studios, signing games like Gears of War, RYSE, and Sunset Overdrive.

His current role was instrumental in the creation of Xbox One features. He oversaw Windows 10 functions, backward compatibility, and redesigns. The team is now hard at work on Xbox Scorpio, a native 4K console.

Kareem Choudhry

Choudhry may have spent less time in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean he’s a lesser contributor. The new corporate VP has spent nineteen years at Microsoft refining the Xbox platform. You may recognize him from various promotional trailers:

“Just over 19 years ago I moved to Seattle and began my life in Washington and career at Microsoft,” said Choudhry. “I have been incredibly fortunate to receive so much support from Cindy Choudhry, our children, my extended family, and the countless others I have had the honor of working with. You have all inspired me, pushed me to be my greatest self, filled my life with joys and challenges, and allowed me to be a part of your lives. To be honored by Microsoft with a promotion to Corporate Vice President is truly humbling and inspiring. Thank you to all of you!”

The new positions will cement the positions of both at Microsoft and will put them among the other legends to receive the role.

The promotions are certainly well-deserved and no doubt they’ll continue to do great work.

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