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Microsoft Announces Team Flows Preview, Adds Gmail Support to Flow

Users will now be able to create flows that can be used and maintained by others within their organization. The company has also introduced a Sharing Custom APIs feature in its app automation tool.


Since was introduced last year, the automation service has been improved constantly, like gaining support for iOS and Android.

Now, has announced the preview of a much-awaited feature for the app automation tool called Team flows, one of the most voted-on ideas on the company's ideas forum. Team flows allow multiple users to own and manage a flow together.

The following features are now supported for all owners of Team flows:

  • Read, update or delete flow
  • View history and debug flow
  • Add or remove other owners
  • Add or remove connections that the flow has access to

Team flows will show up under the new Team flows tab in the Flow portal. In order fto invite people from within their organization, users will have to click on the invite icon on the flow and then type in the name or email address of the person or security group they wish to add as an owner of the flow.

Team flows menu

Full Gmail support announced

Microsoft is also introducing full support to Microsoft Flow, which has been another highly requested feature. Users can now trigger flows whenever a new mail is sent to their Inbox or even set more specific conditions such as when an email is marked as important or has a certain label.

Microsoft Flow Gmail templates

In addition, users can use actions through Microsoft Flow to Send email from their Gmail account and even manage their emails by deleting them. Also, users now have the ability to backup their Gmail attachments to a cloud storage provider and even create tasks in Wunderlist for incoming emails that are marked as important. You can find all the templates available for Gmail here.

Sharing custom APIs

When a user has a web service that they want to automate with Microsoft Flow they can build a custom API, teaching Flow about the characteristics of their web interface. Microsoft Flow users can now share their custom APIs, like Team flows, and collectively manage them inside their organization.

In order to add more users or owners to custom APIs, users can do that from the “” menu. Like with Team flows, users can add or remove people or groups from accessing that API and decide whether or not to grant Edit permissions. If a user is not granted Edit permissions they can use the custom API in their flows, but they won't be able to modify it.

Share custom APIs menu

Finally, Microsoft Flow now also integrates with Azure Cognitive Services' Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS). LUIS lets users understand language contextually, so their apps communicate with other people in the way they speak. Microsoft Flow already had support for two other Azure Cognitive Services: Text Analytics and the Face API.

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