Windows Cloud Appears to be Upgradeable

Just yesterday we reported that WindowsBlogItalia came across some alleged screenshots of the Windows 10 Cloud operating system, a lightweight OS by Microsoft that will apparently run only apps downloaded from the Windows Store.

This limitation is quite similar to what Microsoft offered a few years back with Windows RT, however, newly discovered information now suggests Windows Cloud could be upgradeable to a full version of Windows 10.

Petri has now found interesting information in the Editions Matrix XML file which indicates that Windows 10 Cloud will apparently be upgradeable to Windows 10 Pro. According to the website’s report the following information is found in the XML file <Edition ID=”Cloud” name=”Microsoft-Windows-CloudEdition” processorArchitecture=”amd64? buildType=”release” publicKeyToken=”31bf3856ad364e35? version=”10.0.15025.1000?> <Target ID=”Professional”/>. The website has also noted that Insiders are already saying this upgrade will be possible.

Support for both Intel, ARM highly plausible

Another item that we still don’t know the answer to is if Windows Cloud will support Intel, ARM, or both chipsets. Petri has noted that they currently have this build of Windows on an Intel setup and judging by the path Microsoft pursued with Windows RT (i.e. support for both chipsets), AMR support is highly plausible.

Microsoft hasn’t talked about Windows Cloud but it is expected to do so in the near future. The company has described the operating system as a lightweight, low-cost competitor of Google’s Chrome OS and features such as the one alleged by Petri could help Windows Cloud make an impact.