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Azure StorSimple Virtual Array: Microsoft Launches New Subscription Options, including MSDN and Pay-as-you-Go

Microsoft is widening StorSimple accessibility outside of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement user base. Small and medium businesses can now take advantage of the solution via pay-as-you-go or MDSN.


's StorSimple Virtual Array is designed to provide a simple way to manage tasks between a hypervisor virtual array and Azure cloud storage. However, that simplicity has not extended to pricing plans.

Previously, only Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers could use the service. This made the userbase somewhat limited, and cut out smaller companies. Thankfully, that's no longer the case.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a number of new subscription options. Customers will now be able to get StorSimple through MSDN, pay-as-you-go, and other methods.

“With the flexible pay-as-you-go subscription, StorSimple Virtual Array can be used by Small and Medium Business (SMB) owners,” says Anoob Backer, senior program manager of cloud and enterprise. “MSDN subscribers can now run POCs or development and testing workloads. In all these cases, you can configure StorSimple Virtual Array as a file server (NAS) or as an iSCSI server (SAN) in the new Azure portal.”

The New Azure Portal

According to Anoob, the new Azure portal means further simplicity. You can now create a StorSimple Device Manage to manage all virtual arrays via an intuitive interface. Everything is “designed to be easy.”

While you're there, you may want to check out some of the portal's other features. Microsoft's new SQL Database Query Editor is now available in public preview. SQL database users can now execute and run queries straight from the portal.

The tool supports T-SQL scripts, as well as query management and filtering. It's clear that the Azure team is hard at work to provide the easiest experience possible.

The new subscription options are simply an extension of this and average at $125 per month for virtual appliance 1200 models. You can find more about pricing and payment methods on the StorSimple pricing page.

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