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Microsoft and Tierion Partner on New Blockchain Proofs and Attestations

The Tierion collaboration seeks to create a fast and secure blockchain service. It will leverage Microsoft's existing identity initiative and Tierion's open-source Chainpoint protocol.


has announced a collaboration with Tierion that lets users generate, manage, and validate data attestations. An attestation lets organizations digitally sign data with a unique identifier, alongside a timestamp and proof.

Tierion's Role

The two companies are “exploring how this technology serves the needs of developers and organizations,” and the use of attestation in is a big part of that. Senior Microsoft SDE Cale Teeter explains further:

“Non-repudiation is important to regulated industries such as financial services, , and insurance. These organizations need to prove there hasn't been collusion to backdate or modify data. Tierion links data to the blockchain and generates a timestamp proof of the data's integrity and existence. Anyone with this proof can independently verify the data without relying on a trusted authority.”

Tierion will also allow for a faster transfer throughput on the Bitcoin network. The two companies will leverage Tieron's open-source Chainpoint protocol to create a quick, secure, and validated blockchain system.

It will combine with Microsoft's existing identity initiative to create attestations that can be verified without a separate authority.

“Working with Microsoft helps us further our goal of building a global proof engine.” said Tierion CEO Wayne Vaughan. “For many use cases it's better to link your existing systems to the blockchain instead of building your own blockchain. We were thrilled when Microsoft approached us about working together.”

Microsoft's Head of Decentralized Identity Daniel Buchner added, “there is great potential to help organizations improve security and reduce compliance costs.”

You find technical details of the collaboration on the Microsoft and Tierion blogs.

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