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Microsoft has rolled out an update for SQL Server 2016 CU2 that lets users run Dynamics 365 on-premises via database compatibility level 110. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, admins will “see improved performance by setting the organization database with trace flag 1224″.

The setting reduces CPU usage by disabling lock escalation as the number of locks varies. This pairs with SQL Server 2016’s high availability enhancements, which replace old Database Mirroring technology with a more efficient alternative.

The latest update is one of many performance improvements to SQL Server 2016. In July, it broke the world performance record in an “unparralled” benchmark. The record makes the fastest in-memory database on the planet.

Native Compilation of Tables and Stored Procedures

Despite this, Microsoft continues to look for new ways to improve efficiency. In a blog post, the company states:

“The Dynamics 365 engineering team continues to evaluate these capabilities to enhance the application’s performance in upcoming releases.”

One such evaluation is on the native compilation of tables and stored procedures. Success will lead to quicker data access and more efficient execution of queries, resulting in further performance increases.

The team is also highlighting In-memory Columnstore, which “uses column compression to reduce the storage footprint and improve query performance for data warehousing scenarios.”

It’s great to see continued improvements in the performance field and no doubt Microsoft will continue to innovate in this area. You can find more information on the latest changes and how to implement them on the Dynamics 365 blog.