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Microsoft Debuts Azure Event Hubs Dedicated Capacity

Azure Event Hubs Dedicated Capacity is for customers with high streaming demands. The offering powers some of Microsoft’s major service telemetry pipelines and is available with a fixed monthly price.


The Azure Event Hubs team has unveiled a new dedicated single-tenant deployment for customers who have more data stream demands. With Event Hubs Dedicated Capacity, users get the highest-scale telemetry and streaming. The company points out that the deployment also has the usual benefits and features of the Event Hubs Standard plan.

In a normal circumstance, Azure Event Hubs can ingress millions of events per second. The Dedicated Capacity deployment will offer high-demand customers even more streaming power. points out that this offering powers “Halo 5 on Xbox One, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Office client application telemetry pipelines.”

Customers will be familiar with other benefits, such as the ability to stream through multiple applications. Users can also manage their huge data stores. Event Hubs also gives the benefit of processing and analyzing data from connected apps and devices.

The Archive is capable of long-term data archival and downstream micro-batch processing. Customers have previously had to contend with using their own solutions for batch processing tasks. Making and managing these jobs can result in costly overheads. The launch of Event Hubs helped to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Azure Event Hubs Dedicated Capacity

Because it has the benefits of a Standard plan, the Dedicated Capacity allows streams to be unaffected by bursts in traffic volume.

Microsoft has introduced a unique pricing plan for the Dedicated Capacity. The feature comes with an all-inclusive fixed monthly cost. This price includes extended retention and archive features. In its announcement, the company says it wants customers to have a flexible option. To achieve this, Dedicated Capacity has lesser restrictions on the number of brokered connections.

The company has detailed the benefits of the Dedicated Capacity:

  • Single tenant hosting with no noise from other tenants – your resources are “isolated”
  • Message size increases to 1MB as compared to 256KB for Standard and Basic plans
  • Scalable between 1 and 8 capacity units – providing up to 2 million ingress events per second
  • Fixed monthly price includes costs for ingress events, throughput units, and Archive
  • Guaranteed capacity to meet your burst needs
  • Repeatable performance every time
  • Zero maintenance
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