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Microsoft Announces Project Manifest Blockchain for Tracking Products

Project Manifest has been developed in collaboration with IoT platform creator Mojix and helps supply chains keep track of products.


has announced Project Manifest, a new solution that tracks the origin of products. This would allow supply chains to ensure products and labor comply with the company's standards through Blockchain.

The technology was originally developed by NASA, Project Manifest has been nurtured in collaboration with Mojix. The Los Angelese-based startup created an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that is integrated with the ethereum blockchain.

Project Manifest uses this platform to help distributers and retailers tracks goods with a radio frequency identification device (RFID). This means a whole supply chains can track products and know if something goes wrong.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Microsoft's global business strategist, Yorke Rhodes, discussed how Project Manifest will become important for supply chains.

“Project Manifest is actually designed to look at the challenges of visibility in the supply chain. One of the reasons why we worked with Mojix is because they already have technology and know-how in supply chains for scanning RFIDs.”

The new blockchain differs from Mojix's current IoT platform, which runs on a NoSQL database. Instead, Project Manifest couples with Mojix's ViZix, which takes into account products labelled with Bluetooth, GPS, and RFID sensors.

Project Manifest Public

At the moment, Manifest is still in development. However, these is real potential for the blockchain to become a standard amongst real-world supply chains. Rhodes says in this case Microsoft will make the project public.

“The consumer would like to be able to see where the goods are to make sure they're not coming from slave labor and things like that,” said Yorke. “By way of giving consumers the ability to do that we'd like to push certain parts of the data to a public blockchain.”

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