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Microsoft to Remove Xbox One Snap Mode

Xbox Platform head Mike Ybarra has announced the news on Twitter. Snap will be replaced in order to improve speed and the overall dashboard lag.


Ybarra has clarified that Snap mode is being replaced and also hinted to new features. is expected to deliver the new dashboard for its console in April when the is expected to ship.

That is when Snap will be removed permanently from the and users won't be able to use it anymore.

Snap mode has been a feature of Xbox One since the console's release in May 2013.  The unique feature allows users to snap two experiences together “so you can play a game while you watch TV or listen to Xbox Music. Or, watch the big NFL game while you manage your fantasy football team.

So far, Xbox One gamers can combine Snap with the Machinima app. Just by saying “Xbox, Snap Machinima” the Machinima app will be snapped next to their favorite game, and walk-throughs, game reviews, help videos and more will appear.

An entirely new UI experience

Snap's departure will pave the way for bigger things as Ybarra has said. Microsoft recently announced a major Xbox update to the Insider Program that is geared towards enhancing the overall UI experience while adding some Cortana and update changes.

The Xbox One Guide was improved in the latest Xbox One update available to Insiders, allowing users to quickly access games, apps, and features without navigating back to the home interface. With the current Xbox One dashboard currently experiencing a number of performance issues, Microsoft is rebuilding several features and the dashboard as a whole.

Other features that will arrive on Xbox One with the Creators Update include an update to Cortana and new spatial audio output settings for developers. Also, the Blu-ray disc player of the console will support a beta of bitstream passthrough, which allows the users' receiver to decode audio natively.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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