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App promotion is hugely important with so many applications on the market. It is arguably more important on the Windows Store, which is why Microsoft has a new service. The company has announced new campaign APIs for developers to promote apps on the Windows Store. Dev’s can use the REST APIs as a complement to the “Promote your App” feature that is currently in the DevCenter.

With the current setup, users can create ad campaigns and apply advanced targeting techniques. By adding the new APIs for the Windows Store, developers can use bulk operations.

Among the features available is the ability to share targeting templates across campaigns. This is important for dev’s with more than one app to promote, or for media agencies.

“These APIs are open to media houses that wish to run promotions on behalf of their advertisers – developers, game studios, anyone with apps on the Windows Store,” Microsoft explains. “Developers or organizations that already have a DevCenter account can also use these APIs to create and manage their ad campaigns.”

Developers wanting to continue use of the DevCenter dashboard can do so. Indeed, any campaign created on the dashboard or API is accessible from either channel.

Windows Store API Campaigns

Developers and media agencies can head to [email protected] to sign up for the APIs. Current DevCenter users can simply follow the steps Microsoft supplies here.

It is important for publishers to advertise their apps. The Windows Store is full of competition, so reaching an audience can be hard without a campaign. Even then many apps simply fail to reach an audience and ultimately get left to rot. Last year, Microsoft started removing apps that had been left idle in the store for too long.