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Microsoft Flow Updated with Switch Case, Search by Service, and Local File System Support

Microsoft Flow has been updated with several new services, including Stripe, Informix, and UserVoice. Several new features are also available, including improved email handling, local or network file system support, and the ability to search by service.


Microsoft Flow has been updated with a number of new features to improve functionality and searching methods. The IFTTT-like tool lets users automate various tasks to improve their workflow.

Search by Service

The first update of this year introduces the ability to search for triggers by the service they use. Previously, users had to look through a long list to find what they wanted. You can now filter triggers by the service you require. Hitting “See More” then presents a full list.

This functionality extends to the search bar, where you can search service names and descriptions as well as triggers and actions. The changes should speed up Flow creation significantly and create a more user-friendly experience.

Switch Case

is also introducing Switch case, a feature that “makes it very easy to have parallel branches of conditional logic based on a single value.”

“You can find switch by selecting the More … option after selecting New Step and then choosing Add a Switch Case. Inside a Switch Case you will select a value from the trigger or a previous step to switch on, “ said Stephen Siciliano, principal group PM manager.

switch case flow microsoft

Users can then add as many cases as they want, with a default case that runs if a value is not found. According to Siciliano, this will radically simplify the process of creating flows with different options.

Improved Email Handling and Local or Network File Systems

Many users utilize Flow to handle their emails, and Microsoft is aware of this. The team has added three requested functions to and Outlook.com services:

Another requested feature is the means to connect Flow to a local or network file system. Microsoft now lets you log and copy files from a desktop or network to the cloud. However, users will have to install a special data gateway on their PC for the functionality to work. Naturally, the host PC is also has to be on and connected to the internet.

Finally, Microsoft has introduced four new premium services to Flow. There's now support for internet payment method Stripe, as well as Informix, DB2, and UserVoice.

You can find the full details of this update on the Microsoft Flow blog.

Last Updated on January 26, 2017 4:50 am CET

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