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A number of tech’s biggest names are among contributors to the new RISE Lab. The project is created by the University of California, Berkeley and is a follow up to the school’s APMLab research project. Microsoft is among the companies to have showed an interest in RISE Lab with an investment.

Redmond is joined by the likes of Amazon, Google, Huawei, and Intel. These companies are often competitors (especially Microsoft, Google, and Amazon), but every so often something is worth a collective collaboration.

Clearly, Microsoft believes RISE Lab is such a project. As mentioned, it is born from UC Berkeley’s previous APMLab computer science research project. That earlier effort was carried over several years and yielded some significant results. For example, APMLab resulted in the popular processing engine, Apache Spark and the Apache Mesos cluster management software.

Now CAL is embarking on a new research journey under the RISE Lab name. To help push the research Amazon Web services (AWS), Ant Financial, Capital One, Ericsson, GE Digital, Google, Huawei, Intel, VMware. IBM and Microsoft are all interested. At the moment, no investments have been made, but all the companies want to at least offer financial backing.

RISE Lab Research

According to a report from VentureBeat, the project will involve a number of veterans from the APMLab. For example, Randy Katz, Michael Jordan, Ken Goldberg, Michael Mahoney, David Patterson, and Ion Stoica will all be involved. Some newcomers include Databricks co-founder and chief executive Ali Ghodsi and Trifacta co-founder and chief strategy officer Joe Hellerstein

RISE Lab will specifically focus on developing and furthering real-time decision data analysis at a software and application level. The project has already opened a number of specific research avenues, such as a tool Allegro that “rewrites queries in order to bring back differentially private results”.