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Volvo and Microsoft Tease a Future of Cortana-Coordinated, Driverless Cars

The Swedish car company has released a video showcasing how Skype for Business, Cortana, and Microsoft Wallet could improve driving experience in the future.


Volvo's video shows a businessman in a driver-less car enjoying interesting uses of via a small earpiece. He joins a business meeting through and pays for his coffee with Wallet via a small cufflink device.

Microsoft and Volvo share the same vision for the future of driving, aiming for simpler, more productive time in the car thanks to voice-controlled personal assistance. Volvo's new video offers a glimpse of how Cortana and Microsoft Wallet can help customers enjoy a unique driving experience.

Cortana assists the businessman by estimating his travel time to work, orders his coffee-to-go to save him time and changes the route of the car after detecting a traffic incident.

Microsoft's Wallet is used through a small cufflink device, helping the driver make a contactless payment. The Microsoft Wallet app is available in all regions on most Windows Phones, however, only users in the United States can make contactless payments.


Volvo and Microsoft: The future in their hands

Volvo announced its partnership with Microsoft back in December 2016 and is currently working on cars that will support Skype for Business (models XC90, V90 and S90). for Business integrates into the car maker's digital assistant and its menu-structure is the same users have for their phone feature.

The two companies have also collaborated to develop a pioneering technology which uses holograms to combine the real and digital world with Microsoft's HoloLens. Volvo expects HoloLens to “create a new, interactive and exciting way for consumers to explore our cars and our brand in the future.

According to Volvo HoloLens could also one day “enable people to configure a car and see changes of colour, trim or wheel design in the most realistic way possible.

Last Updated on November 25, 2020 1:25 pm CET

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