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Microsoft Delays ‘My People’ Feature for Windows 10 Creators Update, Now Coming with Redstone 3

For unknown reasons, Microsoft has pulled the My People feature until the release of Windows 10 Redstone 3 this Fall. The feature was one of the most anticipated in the Creators Update.


Microsoft’s new ‘My People’ bar in Windows 10 was one of the most anticipated features in the Windows 10 Creators update. We first heard rumors in September of last year, when an unnamed source made a tip to Windows Central.

A month later, Microsoft confirmed the feature for release with the Windows 10 Creators Update. My People will combine Mail, Skype, and social networks into a taskbar icon for each person. Users will be able to drag and drop files to the taskbar, get unique notifications, and more. Unfortunately, it will be a while until we see this functionality.

“As we shared at our event in October, we’re excited to bring your people to the front and center of your computing experience in Windows with the My People experience,” said Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar.  “Our goal with Windows is to deliver experiences you’ll love and we’ve made the decision to hold this feature for the next major update to Windows.”

Not the First Delay

Sources suggest this isn’t the first delay for the My People feature. In the previous leak, Windows Central was told the feature has been in progress since 2015. It’s clear that it’s a lot bigger than it seems on the surface. Though a simple taskbar icon may seem easy, Microsoft has to make a lot of under the hood changes to make it work.

Combine that with a constantly changing OS and it’s easy to see why it’s giving the team trouble. Microsoft has been making a lot of under-the-hood changes to OneCore and UWP, with a lot of apps also tying in.

Personally, I’d rather wait for a polished, bug-free feature than an incomplete release. Windows 10 Redstone 3 is expected to launch this Fall, so we should hear more after the release of the Creators Update in April.

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