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Microsoft Releasing Updated Media for Windows 10 CBB and Beginning End of Support for Version 1507

Microsoft is ending support of the original Windows 10 version for Current Branch for Business customers. The company says there will be a 60-day grace period starting once Updated Media files are posted later this month.


has launched updated media for Windows 10 Anniversary Update for the CBB (Current Branch for Business). This release also begins that start of a 60-day grace period before Microsoft ends cumulative update support for Windows 10 1507.

Customers for the CBB will have 60 days to upgrade to a newer version. The grace period will begin when Microsoft rolls out the update media for the Anniversary Update.

After that, the company will start the countdown to end CBB support for Windows 10 version 1507. As a refresher, version 1507 of the platform was the first ever Windows 10 release. While most consumers have moved on to newer builds (the majority on the Anniversary Update), some businesses are running the original version.

Of course, Updating across an entire organization is more time consuming than a single machine update. Microsoft has been issuing cumulative updates for CBB Windows 10 version 1507, but will stop doing so on March 26, 2017.

The updated media for Windows 10 Anniversary Update for the CBB is available through several places. Customers can pull it from Update Services (WSUS), and MSDN Subscriptions. Microsoft says the files will be published on Volume Service Center (VLSC) on January 26.

Microsoft will begin the 60-day grace period once the media is posted on VLSC.

“For many organizations, no specific action is needed. If you have already installed the December cumulative update (KB 3201845), or any later cumulative update, that device is already running the equivalent of what was declared to be CBB,” Microsoft explains.

Windows 10 for the CBB

Once the 60-day period closes, Microsoft will be supporting the last two builds of the platform on the CBB. Those are version 1511 (the November Update) and version 1607 (the Anniversary Update). The company says it will stick to a two version-support cycle for the Current Branch for Business.

This means that when the Windows 10 Creators Update launches this spring, CBB support for the November Update (1511) will be stopped. Microsoft will certainly announce a new 60-day grace period once the Creators Update drops.

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