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Microsoft OneDrive for Android Now Deletes Backed Up Images Automatically

With ‘Clean Up Space’ users of OneDrive for Android can enable the app to remove backed up photos from the native storage. The feature is currently available in the beta version of the app.


Users of the OneDrive for beta version are getting some cool new features. The OneDrive team took to + today to discuss one new addition coming to the service. The new feature is already making its debut on the beta version of the app.

Perhaps the most important new feature in a while sees OneDrive for Android become more adept at housekeeping. Specifically, the app will now offer to delete photos from a device if they have already been backed up to the cloud. Users can allow the app to do this automatically, making it an easy way to free up space.

This is an important addition because users are still in something of a storage prison. While cloud storage solutions like OneDrive has become increasingly popular, users still feel hamstrung by native storage. Device manufacturers are only now (reluctantly) making 32GB a base capacity for higher-end products.

Budget and modestly spec'd smartphones are still shipping with 16GB of storage at best and in many cases just 8GB. In a connected world where users are using devices to store vast media files, this simply isn't enough.

OneDrive for Android has always covered one half of this problem. Along with rivals like Google Drive and Dropbox, the service allows users to store content on the cloud. With this new feature, the app will take care of the other annoyance by deleting photo files left behind after a backup.

Clean Up Space

calls the feature ‘Clean Up Space' and has focused it on users uploading 1GB of more of photos. The app will remove the local copies if the option is enabled. That company says the process is easy and will mean more space for other media:

“Your photos will be safe and sound in the cloud where you'll always be able to access them through OneDrive! See below for some steps for how to use this feature and please leave us comments and feedback below. Please keep in mind this is still in beta, you might want to create a backup before using this feature!

1. Prepare at least 1GB of photos/videos to upload on your device (either by already having them on the device or by taking a bunch of new ones)
2. Sign into OneDrive and enable auto upload. The App will automatically begin to look for the photos on your device and back them up to the cloud.
3. A notification should appear on your device offering to “Clean up space” on your device. Tap “Yes” under the notification to free up the space on your device, otherwise tap either “No” or “Never”.
4. Sit back and relax, you now have more space on your phone for the things you need and your memories are safely backed up to OneDrive!”

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