Microsoft Rolls out Office Lens Changes: iPad Release, Android and iPhone Updates, Word and PowerPoint Support

The updates bring several bug fixes to Android and iOS, as well as improved Learning tools integration, the ability to take Office Lens pictures from Word and Powerpoint, and an iPad app.

Office Lens ipad Microsoft

has rolled out big changes to its Office Lens app today, with updates across several apps and platforms. Cheif among them is the release of an iPad app, which has been missing for some time.

“We are also announcing the availability of for iPad.” said the OneNote team. “Shipping together with an improved version of Office Lens for iPhone, both apps have Learning Tools built right in. Scan documents and whiteboards with your iPad or iPhone camera.”

Due to its universal status, those with the app on iPhone won't have to purchase it again.

According to Microsoft, iPad's big screen makes the process easier and more compelling than ever.

OneNote for ipad gif microsoft

Android and iPhone Updates

The iPad version of Office Lens incorporates all of the recent changes to the and iPhone apps. One is the previously mentioned Learning Tools integration.

The accessibility options have now come to iOS, as well as Word desktop and online. This combines with several bug fixes and minor improvements.

The reach of Office Lens has also been extended. Word and PowerPoint now have Office Lens, while others have received unrelated updates. Here's the full changelog:

  • PowerPoint:
    • Share one slide: Don't send a whole presentation when all you want to share is one thing. PowerPoint lets you share a single slide with others.
    • Capture whiteboards: Use the functionality of Office Lens to capture, clean up and crop pictures of a and add them to your slide.
  • Word:
    • Capture whiteboards: Use the functionality of Office Lens to capture, clean up and crop pictures of a whiteboard and add them to your documents.
  • Excel:
    • Open more : Now you can open files that contain form controls.”

It's great to see the further expansion, and no doubt Microsoft has further plans. Capturing directly from Word and PowerPoint is much more user-friendly than switching apps each time.

You can download the app now for Android, iOS and Windows. Be sure to update PowerPoint, Word, and Excel too.