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Satya Nadella Confident about Microsoft In The Face of Trump Inauguration

President-elect Trump has frequently called on companies to bring jobs back to the US. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says he is not concerned about incurring Trump’s wrath because the company employs many in the United States and its recruitment strategy will not change.


As the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump is just days away, the world collectively waits to see. Tump’s ascension to the presidency was fraught with controversy, but a caution has descended since he won last year’s election. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said the company is unconcerned about one of Trump’s causes.

Simply put, businesses will wait to see if Trump means good or bad. The soon to be president has expressed clear irritation that leading companies in the US are farming jobs to other countries. Trump wants to bring those jobs back to the country. Considering the businessman turned politician has no qualms attacking people on social media and beyond, is Nadella concerned about incurring Trump’s wrath?

Trump has been pushing his US jobs agenda again this week. However, Nadella says that “Microsoft is US based”. In an interview with CNN, the CEO says he is unconcerned about Trump because Microsoft employs huge numbers in the US.

Like most of the business community, Nadella is approaching the upcoming Republican presidency with caution. In the interview, he said “we’re looking forward to the new administration and their agenda.”

Another business idea of Trump’s is to deregulate some industries. Satya Nadella says that he is not concerned and believes some places where regulation is necessary:

“I am not particularly sort of concerned about deregulation, or regulation. As I said, there might be places where in fact there is regulation that is needed, or regulatory equilibrium that needs to be established. Take even for example privacy and digital sovereignty, that’s a place where we have taken a principle stance, and there needs to be a legislative solution to balancing what are legitimate national security needs as well as privacy needs, and that will in fact help more people trust technology in the United States and elsewhere. It’s a legislative solution that democracy needs to create.”

Global Job Creator

Nadella was at the DLD tech conference in Munich when he spoke to CNN. He said that Microsoft is happy in its position as a job creator around the world. He added that the company’s existing plans for job creation in the US will not be changed:

“We’re a U.S.-based company that operates worldwide and our predominant employment is in the United States… We’ve already created a tremendous amount of high-paying jobs in the U.S… If anything, we’ll double down on what we’ve always done, which is be a U.S. company that operates in the United States very responsibly, but also being a multinational company that contributes into every country that we work in.”

When Trump won the election in November, Satya Nadella issued a professional statement. However, he did add that Microsoft is committed to diversity, a subtle nod to Trump’s numerous controversial remarks about people of other nations and faiths.

“We congratulate the president-elect, and look forward to working with all those elected yesterday. Our commitment to our mission and values are steadfast, and in particular fostering a diverse and inclusive culture.”

SourceCNN Money
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