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Microsoft’s ‘Council for Digital Good’ Program Encourages Teens to Practice a Safe, Healthy Online Life

Teen applicants for Microsoft's Council for Digital Good program will be invited to a two-day event at the Redmond campus, which will include talks, discussions, and fun activities. The deadline for application is March 1st.


Microsoft is launching a new pilot program, and it’s looking for the voices of teens to define it. The Council for Digital Good will “help lay the groundwork for a new approach to online interactions”.

Teens aged 13 to 17 have been asked to apply for the position of a council member and will be invited on a two-day trip to Microsoft’s Redmond campus. There they will provide the software giant with a new perspective on online interactions for youths.

The Event

Microsoft is selecting a maximum of fifteen young people to participate in the event, with a number of incentives. The Redmond giant has promised “fun activities”, guest speakers, and the opportunity to talk to employees.

The main part of the event will be group and council discussions about various aspects of online life. Parents will also be provided for with separate activities to suit them.

The hope is for council members to act as ambassadors of sorts, sharing experiences with their schools and promoting a healthy online life.

Before selection, applicants must fill out an extensive online application. As well basic information, students will be expected to respond to questions in essay or video form. Applicants have to talk about the following:

  • Life online: Tell us about your online and digital activities, both scholastic and personal; include estimates of how much time you spend online daily, and tell us about the role technology plays in your life—at home, at school, socially and as part of your activities.
  • Microsoft, the company: Tell us what you think of Microsoft as a company, including the products and services we offer, our values, and our corporate mission.
  • The Council for Digital Good experience: What do you think the Council experience will be, and what do you hope to get out of it if you are selected?”

Microsoft will pay for the travel of council members and a chaperone around the campus.  Successful acceptance may result in internships and other posts at third-party organizations. They can also take advantages of college and job recommendations. After the event, Microsoft is encouraging students to continue discussions in forums.

For more information on the Council for Digital Good, you can visit this web page.

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