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Microsoft Launches ‘FREEdom Rewards’ Xbox Campaign to Promote Free-to-Play Games

The FREEdom rewards program will run across several free-to-play games, including Warframe, Roblox, World of Tanks, and Neverwinter. Prizes range from a 49" 4K TV to in-game experience boosts and currency.


has a wealth of free games, but it looks like isn't quite happy with the adoption rate. The Redmond giant has launched a new “FREEdom rewards” campaign which will give players exclusive prizes on certain titles.

Gamers found out about the promotion via an email to everyone in the Xbox Live Rewards program. Microsoft has covered most of the major titles, including Warframe, DC Universe Online, World of Tanks, Star Trek Online, Roblox, and Neverwinter.

The Rewards

In return for their participation, players will get a number of in-game items that are normally exclusive to micro transactions.The challenges range from friend referrals to achievement hunting, or simply playing the game.

Here's a list of all the rewards:

  • Roblox: “Explore these user-generated creations, and you could win some seriously amazing prizes, including a 49” 4K Ultra HD TV (ARV: $1,499.99). So, how do you enter? First, register below. Then, just download Roblox and play. For every 30 minutes you play on your Xbox One between now and February 28, we'll give you 1 extra chance to win. You can earn up to 4 entries per week!”
  • Neverwinter: “Dungeons & Dragons fans, this one's for you! Refer your friends to the fantastic world of Neverwinter and you'll both get rewarded with an Experience Booster (ARV: $9) for any character when they accept your invite.”
  • World of Tanks: “Are you ready to command history's greatest armed vehicles AND get rewarded, too? Refer your friends to World of Tanks and you'll both get the Leg-Up Bundle (ARV: $8.70).” 
  • Star Trek Online: The most rewarding way to live long and prosper! Invite your friends to boldly go where no one has gone before in Star Trek Online and you both can get a Large XP Booster (ARV: $9.75) for your captain.”
  • DC Universe Online: “Are you a hero or a villain? Refer your friends to join you as you fight with and against iconic characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in DC Universe Online, and you both can earn 500 Marketplace Cash (ARV: $4.99). “
  • Warframe: Get ready to reap Rewards worthy of an ancient warrior! In Warframe, you'll fight as a Tenno, a master of both gun and blade. But don't let the fight stop there. Download the game and play until you complete 5 new achievements by February 28, and you'll get a prize that any Tenno would appreciate — 75 Platinum (ARV: $4.99) to spend in the game.”

Players will also get Reward Credits as part of the existing Xbox Live Rewards Program. By spending $30 in any free-to-play title, players will get 2,000 credits a month. In addition, making a $5 purchase each month for three months will result in the same reward.

Gamers will get an even bigger prize if they spread purchases across several titles. Spending $5 in three different free-to-play titles will result in 3,000 credits.

The offer is open to customers in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Sweden, Brazil, the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway.

Despite the push for micro-transactions, this will likely be a positive thing for players. If Microsoft can prove free-to-play games are popular on the platform, more developers will be interested. With hope, this will also remedy matchmaking issues for existing players via an influx of new gamers.

You can find further detail on FREEdom rewards on its official web page.

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