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Microsoft Releases Slow Ring Update for Office Mobile

The Update brings Office Mobile to version 17.7766. It includes nine new features to the OneNote app and several additions to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


After last December's update (version 17.7668), has announced another Slow ring update for Office Mobile, once again boosting the OneNote app. Built-in styles for headings, quotes, code, and more have been added to the app. Microsoft also introduces the Insert Space tool to help Office Insiders add extra space in their notes.

The OneNote for experience is getting better and better with each update. Microsoft has added 14 new features to OneNote in the last two updates released for Office Mobile.

Here is the full changelog from Microsoft for OneNote as provided on the company's forums.

  • “Notes with style: Keep a consistent look across your notes when you use built-in styles for headings, quotes, code, and more.
  • Insert space: Your page is full of notes, but you can add extra space in the left margin or the middle of the page with the magical Insert Space tool.
  • Format painter: Magically copy your bold, italic, underlined, purple, 18 point, Lucida Sans formatting from one heading to another. Think of the time you'll save!
  • Choose how you paste: When you paste, you can keep the original formatting, paste just the text, or paste as an image.
  • Background pictures: Set a picture as the background of your notes so you can type right over it. This allows you to type over forms, or annotate pictures.
  • Open multiple notebooks: Quickly open multiple notebooks to get to your content faster. Just tap the notebooks you want and open them all at once, rather than one-by-one.
  • Show or hide authors: See other authors' initials next to their changes in a shared workbook, or hide the initials for a cleaner look.
  • To check or not to check: Turn off the Check Spelling option when you just don't need it.
  • Set your defaults: You know what you like. Pick your favorite font, size, and color to use as the default for new notes.”

Image enhancement added to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

The new update adds three features to the Office Mobile version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Picture editing is improved to all three apps with Microsoft adding “Shadow” and “Reflection” options to the picture enhancing menu of documents, workbooks, and presentations.

Here is the full changelog from Microsoft on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint:

  • Make your pictures pop: Add Shadow and Reflection to enhance pictures in your documents, workbooks, and presentations.
  • Use Your pen to select and change objects: Now, you can use the Surface pen in Word to grab object handles to resize, rotate, move, and more.
  • Open more files: You can now open many more types of files in Excel. For example, you can open files that contain form controls.

If you don't already have the update, you can download it here:

In order to get your hands on the Office Insider Mobile apps, you need to be on PC that is enrolled in the Windows Insider Program and need to have an subscription. Otherwise, these updates will be available to you in a couple of weeks.

The new update for Office Mobile comes just two days after the release of Slow ring update (version 1612) for Office 365/ Office 2016.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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