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Slack Updates Windows Desktop App with Settings Backup Feature

The backup feature stores settings, including login-data and some diagnostic files. Zoom-levels have been adjusted with the Chrome-version and several stability issues are fixed now


has rapidly become one of the world's top business-minded messaging service and makes sure to stay there. The company just announced another important update, this time for its Windows desktop app, that allows users to uninstall and reinstall the app without losing their login data.

Slack's Windows client now has a backup feature that gives users the ability to hit the ground running if they have to uninstall and reinstall Slack for some reason. Slack has offered this feature for its Windows Phone beta app in the past and now the messaging service is making use of 's recommended practices for modern applications to its desktop client.

The new update comes just one month after the release of Slack Beta version 2016.1212.0.0 for Windows Phone and its introduction to the Windows Store that brought a bunch of bug fixes.

Slack – Microsoft Teams rivalry grows

Thanks to its Windows client update, Slack becomes even more convenient and useful for Windows users. It seems that competition with its new rival, , will bring some benefit to the user thanks to improvements. Slack is well aware of the threat Teams means for its business model and is investing in its management to be ready for the battle.

Recently, Slack added Kevin Egan to help in its battle with Microsoft. With over 10 years' experience in sales, Egan might help push growth as the new head of North America sales. The company has been picking up important executives from other companies for some time. Robert Frati was made Slack's sales chief earlier in the year, he was brought in from .

The growth of Slack has seen it gather 4 million daily active per day and it has been adopted by 28 out of Fortune 100 companies. However, there are many more left for Microsoft to compete for. One company Slack is currently integrated with is . Considering Microsoft owns the business-social network, we imagine the company will integrate Teams deeply into LinkedIn and try to limit Slack's appeal.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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