Arrow Launcher Beta v2.9.2

Microsoft has updated its Arrow Launcher beta once more with some significant features. v2.9.2 brings some highly requested customization options and a simple backup and restore feature.

Arrow Launcher v2.9.2 Changelog

This build also introduces considerable changes to wallpapers, which can now be tweaked for size, resolution and more. You can also change the icons and names of individual apps, which will be useful for those with custom icon packs. Here’s the full list of changes:

“Happy new year, and welcome to v2.9.2 of Arrow! We have some new and exciting features.”

“What’s New:

  • Customize the icon and name of individual app – Just long press on any app to change it
  • Backup and restore feature. Save your app layout and settings for those times when you need to re-install Arrow
  • Wallpaper enhancements: more wallpaper options, resizing, resolution tweaks, and loading optimizations.
  • Bug and crash fixes.”

It’s worth noting that the new wallpaper options only work with photos from your gallery. The default, in-built wallpapers have already been optimized for the phone screen.

The icon change option has some limitations, too. You can only use packs downloaded from the Google Play store. This means you can’t easily create your own icons, but it’s still a lot better than before. You can now combine two similar packs if your one doesn’t have an icon for an app. However, we did have trouble returning some of our icons back to the stock Android theme. It’s a beta version, though, so some issues are expected.

The backup and restore feature works via OneDrive, so you’ll need a Microsoft account to access the functionality. It would be nice to have the option of Google Drive or Dropbox, but that probably wouldn’t make sense for Microsoft on a business level.

In all, this is the biggest update Arrow launcher has had in a while. Microsoft is starting the new year off strong, and we’re looking forward to seeing some extra functionality come to these new options.

You can get the latest version of Arrow Launcher Beta from the Google Play Store.