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Microsoft’s Performance Enhancing ‘Game Mode’ Feature Present in Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview

A new Game Mode setting has made an appearance in the Game DVR menu of Windows 10 build 15007. The mode will make gaming a top priority, increasing quality and performance.


Back in December, a curious .dll file called Game Mode was found in a leaked Windows 10 build. It was unclear what the feature would do, but later reports revealed it will increase performance by better allocating resources.

The release of Windows 10 Insider build 15007 comes with integration of the feature in the Xbox app. Its official description reads: “Game mode make gaming PC's top priority to improve your game's quality.”

Game Mode can be found in the Game DVR panel, which you get to by pressing Windows + G. Despite this, hasn't given any further details about the feature. It's also unclear if the feature is actually working, despite the settings menu.

Game Broadcasting

The build also introduces Microsoft's new Game Broadcasting feature. Users will be able to stream games via recent acquisition, Beam. Once more, the icon appears in the Game DVR panel but doesn't seem to work quite yet.

Game Broadcasting in Windows 10
Credit: @tfwboredom

For those unfamiliar, Beam is an interactive streaming service for games. However, it goes further than services like Twitch in its interactivity. Streamer's audience can set challenges, level up, and unlock upgrades. They can also influence game decisions such as what weapon the player uses.

Despite the cool features, a lot of gamers will feel uncomfortable with Windows 10s Game DVR. Reports suggest it can decrease performance in some games. Thankfully, Microsoft will be building a dedicated gaming settings menu with the Creators Update.

Here users will be able to configure settings for the new Game Mode, Game Broadcasting, and Game DVR. With hope, this will address performance issues or allow players to use the features without DVR enabled.

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