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Windows Hello to Get Speed Boost with Release of Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update

Microsoft has reduced the Windows Hello animation by up to a second in Windows 10 Mobile build 15000, via a small animation cut. The change extends to both the camera and fingerprint scanning features.


provides a great experience on desktop, but on mobile, it's not quite the fastest method. Fortunately, it looks like is aware of that, and Windows Central reports changes in upcoming builds.

The Redmond giant has cut the long “Hello, x!” animation in the yet unreleased Build 15000. This makes the whole experience a lot snappier, cutting almost a second from the unlock time.

This will be a welcome change for those that use the camera functionality. It also extends to fingerprint scanners, so those with the Elite x3 and Alcatel Idol 4s will see improvements too.

It's clear that Microsoft is paying attention to the feedback app, as it's been heavily requested there. Here's a video demonstration:

 Windows Hello on Desktop

It's not known if any speed improvements will be coming to the desktop version of Windows Hello, but we do know of some other upcoming changes. The latest 15002 Insider build came with a ton of new features, and a hint at some locking modifications.

The sign-in options now feature a setting called “Dynamic lock”. When a user walks away from the computer, it will lock automatically, saving time and increasing security. It's not yet known exactly how this will work, but we're guessing Windows Hello technology will be involved somehow.

In fact, Windows Central reports that Microsoft is referring to the feature as “Windows Goodbye” internally. It would make sense if the two were closely linked. Of course, this method probably won't work for mobile, but it may work in tandem. For example, Windows 10 detecting when your phone is away from the PC for a certain amount of time.

These improvements will put Windows Hello on its way to becoming one of the best and most secure locking solutions. Personally, I can't wait to see what else Microsoft has up its sleeve for the service.

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