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Microsoft’s Upcoming ‘Windows Goodbye’ Feature Will Lock Your PC When You Walk Away

The feature will be launching with the Windows 10 Creators Update, and likely uses Microsoft's camera sensing technology to detect when a user is away. The setting comes from the latest Insider build as is available in the sign-in options.


's Windows Hello feature has provided popular so far, with plenty of manufacturers integrating the technology. It lets users easily unlock the screen through fingerprint and face scanning. Since then, the company has been tinkering with ways to extend the simplicity to locking.

The huge 15002 Insider build from yesterday shows that Microsoft already has something in mind. Internally, it's known as “Windows Goodbye,” but it appears as “Dynamic Lock” to the regular user.

Dynamic Lock

The new option appears in the sign-in options of the latest Windows 10 Creator's Update build, just above . The feature will automatically lock a user's computer when they're away.

It's not yet known exactly how this functionality will work. The internal name suggests that it could use the same facial recognition system as Windows Hello. However, Microsoft has actually mentioned this feature before.

During his Ignite keynote in October, senior program manager Anoosh Saboori mentioned something similar. His talk focused heavily on the introduction of and iOS as Windows Hello companions.

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch, then, to imagine two systems in place. The proximity of your phone to the PC could be a factor, also combining with a webcam for extra accuracy.

Saboori also trialed an automatic unlocking feature when the device got close again. This makes the choice of Dynamic Lock over Windows Goodbye make a lot more sense. Microsoft could be planning to integrate both sides for a seamless experience.

We assume this feature will come with considerable customization in terms of time out. Most users don't want a barrier to entry when they just step away to grab a stapler.

Whatever the case, an automatic lock feature could significantly increase physical security. It removes the possibility for user error and means you don't have to remember every time. We'll probably get further clarification as the builds progress, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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