One Microsoft Plans Continue as Major Reshuffle Merges Numbers Sales and Partner Divisions

The One Microsoft concept has led to the the company announcing a significant reshuffle coming into effect next month. Microsoft is merging its Enterprise & Partner Group with its Small and Mid-Market Solutions and Partners Business. The company has also created the One Commercial Partner and Microsoft Digital divisions.

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The concept of One is not a new idea, but it has taken a new step today. On January 5 the company announced a reshuffle of some of its businesses. The product and service groups in the business and enterprise part of 's services are being consolidated.

Specifically, Microsoft is consolidating its Enterprise & Partner Group (EPG) with its Small and Mid-Market Solutions and Partners (SMS&P) businesses. The company says the reshuffle will come into effect on February 1. Chris Weber will head up the new division, moving from his previous position as VP of Mobile Device Sales.

Last year, Microsoft merged its sales and marketing divisions company-wide. This move brought the company's Worldwide Commercial Business under the stewardship of executive VP Judson Althoff. Integrated into the single new division was Enterprise & Partner Group (EPG), Public Sector, Small and Mid-Market Solutions and Partners (SMS&P), Developer Experience (DX), and Services.

That earlier consolidation came after former COO Kevin Turner left Microsoft. Today's announcement sees the company integrate its commercial divisions further. Furthering this commercial integration, Microsoft has also announced “One Commercial Partner”. This new business merges together all partner teams within the company.

Leading the new One Commercial Partner division is Ron Huddleston, VP of Enterprise Partner Ecosystem. The new partner business will bring together Microsoft's Enterprise Partner team, its WPG team, and the ISV team.

Also getting reorganized is the Worldwide Public Sector and Industry Business divisions, which will be combined into a single unit fronted by corporate VP Toni Townes-Whitley. Microsoft has not stopped there. The company has also formed a new business called Microsoft Digital, which brings together evangelists, developers, and other experts to help create solutions.

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All this reshuffling fits into Microsoft's long term goal of a “One Microsoft” ethos. The concept behind the One Microsoft idea is that the company is one entity and not a collection of divisions that work separately. Each part of Microsoft relies on the other and helps to create a family of services and devices.

One Microsoft was announced in 2013 when the company was under Steve Ballmer. However, since Satya Nadella took control the One Microsoft plan has continued.