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Microsoft Debuts Windows Insider Community Blog

The company has decided to expand the Windows Insider Program with a new blog. Microsoft allows contributions from Insiders and Fellows, as well as offering insights from the Windows Team and engineers behind the platform.


's Windows Insider Program is starting to spread its wings. The company is expanding the reach of the program beyond its original concept. Microsoft has recently now announced a new blog dedicated to the Windows Insider Program blog.

Called the Windows Insider community blog, the site allows Insiders to keep track of all the latest news. Microsoft has already started stocking up the blog. It has a number of guest posts, while Microsoft will use the blog to write about new builds and features.

The guest posts are made up of contributions from Insiders and Fellows. If a user wants to create their own content, it is possible to submit a story to Microsoft via [email protected].

Microsoft believes the Windows Insider Program has brought users close to . It gives them frequent updates to the platform in early form. The company believes the blog will serve a similar purpose and allow Insiders to get close to engineers and the Windows team.

“Many of you want to feel closer to the engineering team and want more transparency into how we work. We love that and want to work even closer with you this year. We'll work to give you more insight into what the team is doing, how engineering decisions are made, what issues we're prioritizing each week, how we can improve our processes/tools and much more “behind the scenes” things. This will all start next week when everyone is back in the office on the standard Windows channels you know and love.”

Windows Insider Program Success

The Windows Insider Program has been a popular creation. Millions of users around the world are members of the program. It allows users to see and use Windows 10 builds and features in relative infancy. It is Microsoft's proving ground for the platform, giving Insiders the opportunity to give feedback.

Microsoft uses that feedback and sometimes tweaks existing features or add new ones based on it. Over the first year of its existence (July 2015  – July 2016) Microsoft sent out 28 PC Builds and 20 Mobile builds for Windows 10.

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