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Microsoft Stops Selling Lumia Smartphones in the US

All Lumia smartphones on the Microsoft Store are now sold out. Considering Microsoft’s decision to stop making new handsets, stock is unlikely to be replenished.


With the year's end in just a day, 2016 is not the only thing we're saying goodbye to. 's are also disappearing, in the United States at least. The company has stopped selling all of its own handsets on the . Customers can no longer buy Windows Phone 8.1 and devices through Microsoft.

Stock is still around from retailers, but we suspect this will run out soon. The removal of all Lumia devices suggests this is for good, they simply won't be coming back. Of course, Microsoft has been shedding smartphone inventory since it announced earlier in the year it would cease making mobile hardware.

Since then we have seen the UK store run out of all Windows 10 Mobile devices. In that instance, a few Windows Phone 8.1 devices remained.


Microsoft has actually been systematic and efficient in ridding itself of Lumia. The company all but removed Windows smartphones from its US online store. Once a prominent product, the devices were reduced to a drop down menu on the website.

We reported earlier in the week that Microsoft has sold out of the unlocked Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. The company had reduced the prices of those devices heading into Christmas, and it worked. There are still thirteen devices listed on the store, the Lumia 950 handsets among them.

However, it is telling that Microsoft has removed the “add to cart” button. The company typically leaves this button when a product is temporarily out of stock. That leaves just a few devices on the Microsoft Store

Remaining Handsets

Acer Liquid M330 unlocked – An entry level smartphone that is currently available for $79.99, down from its typical $99 price.

BLU Win HD LTE unlocked – This mid-rage handset is available for $149 and is still running Windows Phone 8.1.

BLU Win JR LTE unlocked – Another entry level device, this costs $99.

HP Elite x3 Bundle unlocked – A lot of Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile aspirations now rest on the HP Elite x3. It is the only smartphone on the platform that can truly compete with the best devices on the market. The Microsoft Store has two bundles, both coming with the Desk Dock. These bundles range from $799 to $1,298.

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