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Rumors have been floating around for months about the release date of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5. Logic suggests a launch in early 2017, and reports from Chinese publication Economic Daily News add more credence to that.

Digitimes quotes a Chinese report from UDN, which says that a new Surface 2-in-one device will be coming in the first quarter. It’s expected to feature a 4K display and a magnetic charging Surface Pen.

The publication also suggests that the device will be Manufactured by Pegatron Technology. The Chinese company produced Microsoft’s Surface Studio, as well as a chunk of Apple’s iPhones.

Microsoft also considered Quanta Computer as a manufacturer, but it’s not yet known if an agreement was made. For now, Pegatron retains exclusive rights.

Just a Rumor?

Naturally, these reports should be taken with a grain of salt. The information comes from one publication, and mistakes can easily be made. However, this isn’t the first time EDN has given information about the new Surface line and it may have an inside Pegatron source.

The release window also makes a lot of sense from the chatter we’ve heard so far. The Windows 10 Creators Update is slated for early 2017, so a Surface Pro 5 would tie in very nicely with that. New hardware would be a great way to show off the latest features.

Furthermore, other reports suggest a Fall 2016 release date was axed in favor of more development. This new window would give Microsoft enough time to make some minor improvements while still not missing the mark.

Despite this, we may see further delays if the Redmond giant is aiming for OLED. Apple has recently gone all in with the display technology, and Microsoft could face supply issues.

However, as we’ve mentioned before, it seems likely Microsoft will opt for LCD this time around. The rumors of a 4K display only further that, and no doubt the company wants to avoid burn-in.

The result of all that is a logical Q1 2017 release date. Unfortunately, logic doesn’t always dictate Microsoft, but we can certainly hope.