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Microsoft Launches “Windows Scoop Fans” Program for Insiders in India

Windows Scoop Fans will provide Microsoft enthusiasts with exclusive updates, tips, and event invites. The deadline for applications is January 5th.


The Windows Insider program is one of the best ways for enthusiasts to stay up to date on the latest features, news, and events. However, that’s about to change in India.

Microsoft informed Insiders by email today of a new “Windows Scoop Fans” program that will provide exclusive updates and “valuable tips and tricks.”

Participants will also get invites to Windows fan events, a private Facebook page, and more. Here’s an extract from that email:

“‘Windows Scoop Fans’ was designed for our most enthusiastic Windows fans and complements the Windows Insider Programme. Those selected to join will get access to a private Facebook page loaded with exclusive updates on Windows, including news on the latest apps and devices. Member will also get valuable tips and tricks, invitations to Windows fan events and more.”

How to Apply

Unfortunately, Insiders won’t get access to this program by default. Rather, they have to compete for it. Microsoft is asking fans to email [email protected] with their favorite Windows feature, any apps they’ve created, and how the OS helps them.

The email has to be sent from the same address as your Facebook profile. There’s just under a week to apply, the deadline being January 5th. You may get extra points for the inclusion of pictures, videos etc.

It goes without saying, but Microsoft is only accepting applicants from India. If you’re from somewhere else, there’s little point in applying. A follow-up email on 15th January will reveal who the Redmond giant has selected.

Windows Scoop Fans definitely sounds like it has potential, and we’re hoping Microsoft will extend it to other regions soon. The quality and expansion will likely depend on how many applicants there are, so be sure to check your emails!

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