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Earlier this month, Microsoft gave Cortana for Android and iOS an overhaul. The app got a slick new look that focused on a purple accent for the UI. This was confusing considering Microsoft employs a blue tint for its Windows 10 platform and related apps. However, the Cortana revamp was in preparation for a new feature to customize the accent.

Microsoft has now debuted that feature for Cortana on Android, and we presume it will come to iOS eventually. The ability to customize Microsoft’s virtual assistant app is now available after an update.

Once the update is downloaded, users can customize the look of the app by tapping the Cortana logo on the homepage. A customization page appear and gives users a choice of 4 UI color choices, purple, black, green, and that Windows-like blue.

We can already imagine the confused expression on the faces of Cortana on Windows users. That’s because Microsoft has yet to introduce this customization feature to the app on its own platform. Windows 10 Mobile users are increasingly frustrated by Microsoft favoring Android and iOS instead of focusing on its own platform.

Either way, the result of this customization is certainly an improvement for the app. Cortana looks nice in its new colors, and users can now swap it up when the current color gets boring.

Aside from adding color customization, the overhaul introduced a number of other enhancements. The app now comes with full-page answers that look cleaner and present information in a sleeker manner. Also, Microsoft said at the time that it has made the virtual assistant faster, allowing faster responses.

Future Cortana Features

Today, we discussed some of the new features Microsoft has planned for Cortana with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Among the new additions will be a Universal Clipboard, the ability to unlock PCs via a smartphone, and a Notification Sync tool.

These improvements will come to the Windows 10 platform in the spring. However, Microsoft will almost certainly roll them out to iOS and Android in due course. Indeed, features like the Universal Clipboard and Notification Sync are designed to work across devices, including smartphones.