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Microsoft Bringing Green Screen of Death to Windows Insiders

The leak of Windows 10 build 14997 shows Microsoft is replacing the dreaded BSOD with the equally worrying Green Screen of Death. However, this change will be reserved for members of the Windows Insider Program.


The famed and feared ‘Blue Screen of Death' (BSOD) is the way Windows tells you something is wrong. Of course, it is also coupled with a PC crash, another hint something's up. However, some users may be saying goodbye to the BSOD soon. Unfortunately, has not found a way to prevent system or hardware crashes, but the company is overhauling the crash screen with a hint of green.

While BSOD problems once made many people think the PC was completely tanked, now more people know that they are common. A BSOD issue is not always fatal. They are still hugely frustrating though, as I can attest after a recent plague of “KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR” BSOD's.

As we reported this week, Creators Update preview 14997 leaked online. The build has already proved to be a bounty of information. We have already covered features like a Game Mode for Windows 10, the ability to pause updates, and other additions.

However, Microsoft's Senior Program Manager for the Windows Enterprise Developer Platform, Matthijs Hoekstra pointed out that users missed one key new feature.

Taking to twitter, he hinted at the change before coming back a day later with another hint. That was enough for enthusiast @Chris123NT to dig around and find the image you see above.

GSOD for Insiders

Yes, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) has now become the Green Screen of Death (GSOD). There is one final twist in this tale. Microsoft is not changing the BSOD for Windows 10 users, but Windows Insiders will get the new GSOD screen.

The only question is why Microsoft is doing this? The company wanted a different screen to show production build crashes compared to Insider preview builds.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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