Microsoft  October Event Surface Studio

Microsoft´s Surface Studio is enjoying a good start. At least this is what unconfirmed sales and order numbers suggest.

According to Taiwan-based hardware makers, Microsoft has ordered the production of 30.000 Surface Studio units for shipment due in Q1 2017.  This is due to much higher than expected sales for Q4 2016. Estimates for that quarter had been at just 15.000 units, but Microsoft seems to have sold nearly double that amount.

Microsoft´s Surface Studio comes with a hefty price tag of US$ 2,999, US$ 3,499 and US$ 4,199 for the three different versions currently available.

The most expensive option features a Quad-core 6th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 128GBSSD/2TB HDD, 32GB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M GPU with 4GB GDDR5 memory.

microsoft-surface-studio-microsoft-storeThe Surface Studio is manufactured in Taiwan by Pegatron, which seems to be Microsoft´s premium partner for all its Surface products. Pegatron is specialized in electronics manufacturing for branded vendors for all kind of electronic devices, peripherals. The company produces mainly in China where more than 50% of its workforce is located.