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Microsoft Just Compiled Windows 10 Build 15000, Marking a Significant Milestone

Build 15000 has no huge changes, but highlights two years of dedication from the Windows team, and the significant role of the Insider program.


It's been a big year for , and a huge year for . However, the company isn't done quite yet, and is seeing out the year with the celebration of Windows 10 build 15000.

Microsoft has compiled the build internally, reaching the biggest milestone since 10000 two years ago. Though the number doesn't reflect the exact number of releases, it still shows significant progress.

No Noteworthy Changes

According to Windows Central, the update doesn't include any huge features. That's to be expected given the Insider team's holiday break. This release won't be coming to Insiders until 2017, then, but will be tested internally in the meantime.

Speaking of next year, it's going to have some of the most exciting changes we've seen in a while. Microsoft is nearing completion of the Creators Update, which is set for release in spring.

Insiders can expect to see quite a few new features in the coming months, including some UI improvements and enterprise features.

After that, Microsoft has promised yet another major Windows 10 update. Redstone 3 may have major breakthroughs such as ARM64 emulation for x86 apps.

This would fix one of the major issues with Continuum – the inability to runs apps that aren't UWP. Emulation of x86 apps on ARM processors would let users have a true desktop experience.

This could have a lot of potential for businesses. Continuum lets employees use their mobile phone as a desktop computer, which offers more portability and likely less cost. ARM emulation would take away one of the biggest reasons companies are reluctant to make the switch.

So, although Build 15000 is a huge milestone, Microsoft has plenty more to come. Ones that work are useful in practice, rather than just in number. It will be exciting to see what other surprises are in store.

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