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Lumia Support Handler B2X Releases New Windows Mobile App

B2X-SMARTAPP lets users test battery functionality, view warranty status, troubleshoot issues, and get it contact with support. The app is available on Windows 8.1 and 10.


In October, announced that it would be discontinuing support for all devices. Naturally, some users were concerned, but the company has simply handed the reigns over to B2X, a third-party.

We noted then B2X's bad rep, especially on Facebook. Thankfully, it looks like the company is taking steps to remedy that. The German company has released a Windows mobile app with troubleshooting tips and contact info.


Though it sounds pretty basic, the app actually offers some other useful features. Users can check warranty status, analyze battery life, and more. Here's the full list:

  • “Diagnose your Lumia phone's hardware and software
  • Chat with a B2X support agent for immediate help
  • Request a callback from a B2X support agent
  • Find the nearest service point
  • Get all Lumia device information at a glance
  • Analyse your Lumia's battery health status
  • Check your Lumia's warranty status
  • Keep track of your repair status”

The app is on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, so those on older models won't miss out. The ability to check all of your support needs in one place will make things a little easier.

Unfortunately, the overall service doesn't seem to have improved much since October. Users are still reporting wait times of two months or longer, and in some cases lost or broken phones.

Some Lumia customers are feeling shafted by Microsoft's decision. Many have decided to pay for repairs than risk the long wait times. With hope, this will take some of the weight from B2X support and mark a more positive support experience going forward.

You can download the app now from the Windows Store.

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