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Mojang Releases Minecraft Holiday Update for Xbox, Playstation and Wii Editions

The Minecraft: Console Edition Holiday Update includes new mobs, block and items, The End changes, new status effects, the brand new mash-up packs, maps, and skins.


Minecraft console players are in for a holiday treat as Mojang releases a major update that includes lots of new features and improvements. The company previously updated the PC/Mac and Pocket/Windows 10 versions of the game.

Minecraft: Console Edition Holiday Update brings the game version to 1.10. It features a wide array of new things to try out, including new mobs, blocks, items and status effects. The End is significantly revamped, while there are certain changes in crafting and brewing.

Here all the changes from the official changelog:

  • New mobs: Shulker, Stray Skeleton, Husk Zombie, Skeleton Trap Horses
  • New Blocks: Chorus Flower, Chorus Plant, Dragon Head, End Gateway, End Rod, Purpur Block,
  • Purpur Pillar, Purpur Stairs, Purpur Slab
  • New Items: Chorus Fruit, Chorus Fruit, Dragons's Breath, Elytra, End Crystal, Lingering Potion, Water Splash Potion, Popped Chorus Fruit, Potion of Luck, Tipped Arrow; Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak boats
  • New Status Effects: Levitation, Luck
  • The End: significant changes to The End dimension – End Cities, End Ship
  • Crafting: UI updated to allow crafting fireworks, similarly to how Banners are crafted
  • Brewing: changed to include a slot for Blaze Powder
  • Tutorial: new Tutorial world, including tutorials for Banners and Elytra

New mash-up pack, maps, and skins

In addition, Mojang also released a slew of new mash-up packs, maps, and different skins for the console edition of the popular game.

The Merry bundle, available on Xbox and Editions for $6.99, includes the Festive Mash-up Pack, Skin Pack, and Battle Map. The Festive Battle Map is also available separately for $1.99.

If you are not feeling the holiday spirit, you have the Fallout Mash-up pack, available for $5.99 on all consoles. Furthermore, the Dr. Who skin packs are available for Xbox and Wii U users, previously only available for the PlayStation edition.

Minecratf: Fallout Edition Image credit: Mojang
Minecraft: Fallout Edition
Image credit: Mojang

To top it all off, Mojang is also giving away a free Skin pack featuring the company's original developers. Happy playing!

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