Raven for Twitter Windows Store

The console’s official Twitter app is notorious for having limited capabilities and is a far cry from the Twitter experience users have come to expect. The app doesn’t allow sending tweets or viewing your timeline, something Raven for Twitter includes.

Thanks to its UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app design, Raven for Twitter runs also on Windows 10 desktop, Windows 10 Mobile, and on the HoloLens.

The full list of features is described on the app’s Microsoft Store page:

  • Automated learning user, search, hashtag, and list that you browsed.
  • UWP apps and responsive UI for Windows 10.
  • Voice operation, corresponding to Cortana.
  • Automatically update the timeline when you are using other app.
  • In-App-Browser which supports loading in the background.
  • Support Multi-column only when large screen.
  • Split UI for posting more easily.
  • Scroll to bottom and top with one touch.
  • Select words to search in the web.
  • Share information with other App.
  • Collective Notification.
  • Synchronize your setting across windows 10 devices.
  • Special flick UI in command bar for mobile. flick up to use a secondary function.

A significant improvement

Raven for Twitter is a significant improvement compared to the Xbox One’s official Twitter app. It offers a more natural experience of the popular social network with viewing and sending tweets, checking your timeline, browsing other users and so on.

The official app is conceived as more of an application to watch live video streaming, lacking basic features. As a result, it received lots of negative reviews, as evidenced by its low rating on the Microsoft Store.

While Raven might not be the perfect Twitter app, it’s still a much better alternative as it acts like a traditional Twitter client. Users constantly checking the social network will surely find the latest app addition most welcome.