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Microsoft Details Commitment to Safer Internet Day 2017

February’s Safer Internet Day 2017 will put focus on security when online. Microsoft, expanding on its recently launched new resources, will conduct a study and supply educational resources for the day.


has said its latest online safety resources contribute to its commitment to “digital civility”. In a blog post, Chief Online Safety Officer Jacqueline Beauchere explained what the company plans to do on the upcoming Safer Internet Day. The annual awareness day will be taking place on February 7, 2017.

“Looking back on 2016, the online safety landscape has indeed shifted and we at Microsoft will continue to focus on the issue in 2017,” explained Beauchere.

Improving methods for internet safety is important for Microsoft. In a connected world, users access the internet from numerous devices, including PCs, , and games consoles. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and hackers more creative.

Ensuring internet safety is essential for Microsoft to maintain customer faith. The company has shown that it does take the matter of internet safety seriously. Earlier in the year, Microsoft introduced new resources to make it easier to report inappropriate content. The resources came in the form of a new dedicated web form.

Looking Towards Safer Internet Day

Reviewing the year and looking to 2017, Beauchere says the company will publish a study next year. The paper will be titled “Civility, Safety and Interaction Online – 2016,” and will be launched on Safer Internet Day.

“We hope these findings will serve as an evidentiary base for a global push toward “digital civility” – healthy behaviors for youth and adults alike, both online and off, grounded in respect, constructive interaction and inclusion,” added Beauchere.

As well as covering its own back, Microsoft believes spreading knowledge can help the internet be safer. With that in mind, the company will release new educational resources before the 2017 Safer Internet Day. However, the Redmond giant is aware that internet security will remain a hot topic and challenge in the future:

 “While we're encouraged by our new campaign for digital civility and some favorable early feedback, we don't profess to have all the answers – not by any stretch. On the contrary, new concerns and fresh twists on age-old internet issues continue to surface regularly, with many problems presenting a delicate balancing of interests. So, as one step, we want to get back to basics and encourage civility and respect in all online interactions.”

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