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Windows 10 Themes Arrive on Windows Store

With a caveat. Microsoft is just preparing the Windows 10 themes for the platform, so users cannot yet use them. These Windows 10 Creators Update additions may roll out in preview builds next month.


If you checked out Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update announcement, you will see there are lots of cool features coming to the platform. Some are more significant than others, but even smaller changes look interesting. One of the smaller features was Windows 10 themes. has now started putting these themes onto the .

As you may or may not know, the Windows 10 Creators Update is not launching until spring 2017. That means all features are in the testing phase. Usually that involves a roll out to members of the Windows Insider Program first.

In terms of Windows 10 themes, Microsoft is preparing the Windows Store only. In other words, users can download the themes but not use them because Windows 10 does not support the feature yet. This limitation also applies to Insiders with the latest preview releases.

The included themes are:

As the Windows Store is now showing the themes, we guess Microsoft will be bringing them to preview Windows builds in the near future. The company will probably introduce the themes to the Fast Ring early in the New Year.

Windows 10 Themes

The idea behind Windows 10 themes is to offer users different looks for their platform. Also, Microsoft said at the Creators Update reveal that sounds will also join the theme wallpapers. The company has also promised other features will arrive to make these themes more than just wallpapers.

Admittedly, the themes added so far do just seem to be wallpapers. But we predict Microsoft will add plenty more feature to make Windows 10 more customizable. The promise of themed sounds could stretch to notifications, for example.

If you are interested in trying the themes now, where there is a will there is a way. Going to WindowsApps in the Program Files menu and finding the themes will give users a .themepack to install. This should run the themes.

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