Minecraft Boss update mojang

The Ender Update adds the End cities and content, including the Ender Dragon, which players will have to battle in the final stage. There’s also the World Seed Library which will help players find worlds with the specific types of features they want. Polar bears and igloos have also been added for winter environments.

The full changelog is available on the game’s official website. Here the most important changes:

  • The End, End cities, End ships, Ender dragon & all the other End goodies
  • Ender Pearls
  • Eye of Ender
  • Ender Chest
  • Dragon head
  • Shulkers & shulker shells
  • Chorus fruit and popped chorus fruit
  • End stone & End stone brick
  • End poem
  • Purpur block, purpur pillar, purpur slab & purpur stairs
  • End Rod
  • Dragon Egg
  • Exit Portal & End Gateway
  • Ender charge
  • Ability to craft lingering potions in survival
  • Ability to craft tipped arrows in survival
  • Ability to respawn Jean? the Ender Dragon
  • Dragon’s breath
  • Elytra
  • Ender crystals
  • 256 world height!
  • World seed library
  • Igloos & polar bears
  • Strongholds now fully implemented and have a chance of spawning in newly generated chunks
  • Support for world templates

It features a new, snow-clad world to explore, as well as multiple new skins to try out, among other things. The update also brings seasonal Festive Mash-Up 2016 pack to Windows 10 and Pocket Edition which can be seen in the following video. You can get the pack for $3.99 and you can read more about it here.

A five-year success

Mojang, the game’s developer, first announced The Ender Update back in November. Consequently, it signaled the end of the game’s long-standing beta status.

The company symbolically ends the beta status with the Ender update as it also signaled the full release of the Java version. However, Mojang firmly states it will continue to develop free updates in the future.

The Pocket Edition version of the highly successful game is now five years old. During that time, the handheld and mobile version sold well, almost mirroring the success of the classic Minecraft game.

As a result, it has over 40 million players and is one of the most popular versions of the title. Minecraft as a whole has sold over 100 million units since its launch.