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Microsoft Partners with GameAnalytics to Release UWP SDK

GameAnalytics offers developers powerful, real-time metrics on UWP, with Xbox support coming soon.


GameAnalytic's end-to-end tool gives developers the advanced and detailed analytics that can influence future mechanics and updates. Today, that power is available on UWP with the addition of an SDK.

According to , “You can set up GameAnalytics in a few minutes and it's totally free of charge, without any caps on usage or premium subscription tiers.”

Furthermore, devs can play around with a demo game and data before implementing any changes. The tool currently assists over 30,000 devs and covers 1.7 billion devices.

“This SDK immediately opens up powerful, cross-platform analysis and reporting for anyone interested in building games within the Microsoft device family,” said a GameAnalytics spokesperson.

Xbox Support

Unfortunately, Game Analytics fo SDK has a limit to its reach. Xbox support isn't quite there yet, which isn't surprising. However, it will be here “in the coming months,” with full support.

That supports includes metrics like new users, returning users, conversion to paying, sessions and engagement. All of this updates in real-time, allowing for fast decision-making.

This is looking like a big win for both companies. GameAnalytics can widen its customer base, which is primarily mobile. Microsoft can offer free and detailed stats in a simple manner.

“We are excited that GameAnalytics will be available to game developers to help extend their reach to Windows devices,” said Emilio Salvador Prieto, Senior Director, Windows Product Marketing at Microsoft. “At the same time, it helps us learn various game development workflows and processes so we can adapt and provide the right resources.”

You can find out more about GameAnalytics on the Microsoft blog. It's also worth checking out the free demo and GA's extensive documentation.

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