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Due to their rather simple complexion, WebHooks are very popular among developers. They are already included in some of the popular services and Web APIs, offering multiple possibilities.

To make managing them easier, Microsoft is introducing ASP.NET WebHooks. This will largely simplify the process of sending and receiving WebHooks as a part of an ASP.NET application.

Microsoft describes the feature in the announcement:

Two-way service

The company states the two parts can be used both individually or jointly, depending on what type of service you need. This means you can use just the receiver part if you only need to receive WebHooks from other services or use just the sender part if you only want to send WebHooks to others.

WebHook receiving Image credit: Microsoft
WebHook receiving
Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is also planning a port to the ASP.NET Core which should be out soon. In the meantime, those looking for more technical information can check out the official blog post. It features detailed overviews on receiving and sending WebHooks, complete with diagrams, as well as other information.