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Microsoft Launches Skype Mingo on Android

Skype Mingo is a new experience of Microsoft’s communication service. The app points to Microsoft’s plans for Skype in the future, such as deeper mobile integration. At the moment, it is available unfinished in Alpha form.


users are getting a new experience today after launched a new app. Called Skype Mingo, the app seems to be showing where Microsoft is taking Skype in the future. With that in mind, it is something of a roadmap service.

At the moment, Skype Mingo is in the Alpha phase. In other words, the app is not 100% finished and is buggy for normal use. It is currently available on the .

Skype Mingo samples where Microsoft's communication service is heading. Of course, standard call and messaging features are available.

Mobile integration is also a focus of Mingo, allowing the app to act as a location for native phone calls.

Microsoft says Skype Mingo is an “ultimate communications hub, providing native calling, SMS, and contacts management capability, in addition to the rich Skype functionality you already know and love.”

App Features:

  • FAST: Optimized for speed, Mingo is small and fast. Gives you a rich set of features in a small, easy to manage package.
  • SMART: Helps you save money, with advanced features such as Economical Calling, and On-Demand Sync. Provides direct access to your data usage statistics, so that you can always be in control of your data. Gives you access to thousands of Skype bots.
  • UNIVERSAL: Native phone calls, phone contacts and SMS. Rich Skype chats, file and photo sharing, and audio and video calls.

Skype for Android

Skype Mingo is for users who want to see Microsoft's future plans in a raw package. Naturally, if users want the full current Skype experience on Android then they want the standard app. Microsoft launched a new update for the app in November.

That release brought the following features:

  • Calls tab interface update with quick call options and new dialer button
  • Group call now indicates current active speaker
  • Resolved audio routing issues when playing voice messages
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