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Slack Updates Windows Phone App

Slack Beta version 2016.1212.0.0 for Windows Phone is now available from the Windows Store and brings a number of bug fixes to the service.


is maintaining its Windows Phone application with a new update. The business-minded messaging service has sent out version 2016.1212.0.0 of its app to the . While not a substantial release, this build does bring a bunch of bug fixes.

The Slack app for is still in beta. Version 2016.1212.0.0 focuses on tidying up some aspects of the app. For example, the company has solved an issue where attachments with dates were causing the app to crash.

Other fixes in the latest update include the introduction of one tap to send a message to a profile. Previously users would have to tap the screen twice.

The full changelog is below:

  • Attachments having dates sometimes led to the app crashing. We were being too sensitive. Attachments can have dates. We accept that now.
  • Sometimes the key Slack feature of simply mentioning users could lead to the app crashing – no more, thank jiggins.
  • While we like tapping, we don't like tapping twice. If you want to send a direct message from someone's profile it now only takes one tap. Tada!
  • Creating new channels without internet connection is still not possible, but at least we now let you know that.
  • Users with owner rights didn't always get the VIP treatment they deserved. We now allow you to do all the fun things.
  • We'll no longer make channels unread just because someone leaves or joins them, because it didn't make any sense.
  • If you are about to start a new conversation with someone, but really just want to create a private channel instead, we now allow you to do so again.
  • The bar saying you have unreads is now a lot more reliable.
  • Uploading with a bad connection can be difficult. We now tell you if it went wrong rather than just let it disappear silently.
  • If you're the last member leaving a channel, you can now archive it. Lights out!

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack

Slack's growth has placed it into direct competition with . As a response to the growing enterprise messaging market, Microsoft Teams was launched last month.

The growth of Slack has seen it gather 4 million daily active per day and it has been adopted by 28 out of Fortune 100 companies. However, there are many more left for Microsoft to compete for. One company Slack is currently integrated with is LinkedIn. Considering Microsoft owns the business-social network, we imagine the company will integrate Teams deeply into LinkedIn and try to limit Slack's appeal.

While Slack and Microsoft are now direct competitors, it makes little sense for the company to let its Windows Phone app go unsupported. Microsoft is in the good position of knowing Slack needs Windows customers, despite the very real threat posed by .


Last Updated on December 15, 2016 1:01 pm CET

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